Tech Services

public computers


Public computers are available for all ages to use. No library card required.

  • Browse the internet and check email with Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Office is not available; we recommend using Google Docs.
  • You may bring your own headphones or purchase a pair from the circulation desk for $1
  • Software may not be installed or changes made to the system configuration
  • A photo ID is required for those 18 and older
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The library's free public wi-fi (CITY_EGF_PUBLIC) can be accessed inside the building. No password or library card required.

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Printing & Copier

  • You will need to print from a library computer. We are unable to print from a personal computer or cell phone.
  • Price:
    • Black & White: $0.10/side
    • Color: $0.25/side
    • If using a credit/debit card, there is a minimum $2 charge

Scan to Email

  • Scan a document or photo to your email address (PDF/JPG).
  • Price: $0.10/side

Send a Fax

  • Price: $1.00/side
alta-plus 3d printer

3D Printing

Use the Library's 3D Printer with your library card!

Our Silhouette Alta Plus 3D Printer is perfect for beginners and experts alike to build models and custom objects out of PLA filament. Make custom cookie cutters, boxes, stencils, pendants, game pieces, small toys, and more!

  • The library will print approved submitted designs in white filament free of charge with a valid library card.
  • If you are interested in different colors, you may purchase 1.75mm PLA filament and bring it with you to print.
Tech Help newsflash

Tech Help

Twice Monthly

2nd & 4th Weds from 2:00 - 3:00 pm

Need help navigating your new cell or installing an app? Trouble sending an attachment via email? Have questions about your laptop or e-reader? Stop by the library for a little tech help!