Proposed Revised City Charter

Information on the Charter Commission

The Charter Commission was reformed and members were appointed back in 2018.  Members include Mark Brickson, Erin Almie, John Robertson, Patricia Jacklitch, Sharon Budge, William Straw, Robert Beauchamp, and Justin Hecht.  Council President Mark Olstad and Mayor Steve Gander also served on the commission as ex-officio members representing the City Council.  The commission met approximately once a month to review the chapters of the charter with the assistance of the city attorney, Ron Galstad and the city administrator, David Murphy.      

Copy of Current City Charter

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Copy of Revised City Charter

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Updates to the City Charter

The Charter Commission work included updating the language and correcting grammar without changing the intent of the charter.  The list of major changes besides the minor corrections are as follows:

Chapter 4

  • Rearranged order of chapter.
  • Removed clerk/treasurer section and replaced with section identifying duties of City Administrator and section identifying duties of Deputy Clerk/Treasurer to meet current statutes and practice.
  • Removed Office of City Health Officer as obsolete.

Chapter 7

  • Updated Assessment Policy to meet state statute.

Chapter 9

  • Added City residency requirement to serve on Water & Light Commission.

Chapter 10

  • Chapter covering Official Publication added “newspaper or other mass media” to keep current with technology.
  • Changed Chapter regulating advertising for bids to follow state and federal guidelines.