Request a Title for Purchase

Did you find a book or video you enjoyed (or want to read) but we don’t have in our collection, but think we should? 

If the title you are requesting is older or we aren't able to purchase it, you can request an Interlibrary Loan instead.

To request e-books or e-audiobooks, follow these steps in the Libby App.

Title Request Form

  1. Use this form to request that the library purchase a certain book, DVD or other library resource. Your library card must be current and in good standing (no overdue materials, and no fines over $10) in order for us to process your request. The final decision to purchase is the library's.
  2. Leave This Blank:

How to recommend an e-material:

Discover titles that aren't in our library's collection in Libby. Use this guide to learn how to find and tag these titles in the app so you can get notified if they're available in the future.

  1. In the Libby App, tap Search libby search icon in the footer, then search for a specific title, author, or series.
  2. If you see the title you're interested in, and it has a Notify Me button libby notify me icon , skip to step 5.
    If not, move to step 3.
  3. Tap the Filters icon libby filters icon
  4. Near the bottom of the panel, select deep search. Tap Deep Searchlibby deep search icon
    Titles not offered by your library are now added to your search results. 
  5. Find the title you are looking for and tap Notify Me libby notify me icon.

The first time you do this, you'll be walked through a quick tutorial to set up a Notify Me smart tag (or prompted to use an existing one). In the tutorial, select Manage Notifications, then select a notification option for Notify Me:Title.

If our library purchases a title you've added to your Notify Me smart tag, you'll be alerted and given the option to borrow or place the title on hold.