City Lots for Sale in Waters Edge 3rd Addition

Waters Edge Third Addition Block 1

This is a list of lots available in Waters Edge 3rd Addition Block 1. The prices listed for the lots include special assessments. The hyperlink will connect to a Geographic Information System Map showing the location of the lot, the lot size, and more. Please be advised there are covenants associated with these lots. For more information on the covenants or for purchasing a lot please contact the Economic Development Authority Office at 218-773-8939.

Please note that the City Council has authorized a $3000 charge, to be paid by the purchaser, to cover the realtor's commission when the sale comes to the City via a realtor and requires the payment of a commission.

83.00114.18 - Waters Edge 3rd Addition Lot 6 Block 1 - $55,000 - For Sale
83.00114.19 - Waters Edge 3rd Addition Lot 7 Block 1 - $55,000 - For Sale