Cemetery Rules

Rules and Regulations for Resurrection Cemetery
East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Section 1. Interments

All interments in lots shall be restricted to members of the immediate family of the lot owner. Permission in writing from a lot owner must accompany all requests for permits to bury the bodies of persons not members of the immediate family of the lot owner. Such permission shall not be for remuneration. All excavations shall be made under the direction of the Cemetery Commission. When graves are requested to be dug by the Cemetery Commission, at least twenty-four hour notice shall be given and outside dimensions of the case to be used and the location shall be specified. No interment may be made in the cemetery unless all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations regarding interments have been complied with and until the purchase price of the lot to be used, except as specified in section 4, and all burial fees are paid.

Section 2. Disinterment

Written permission of the lot owner and the next of kin shall be filed with the Cemetery Commission, a permit from the city health officer shall be secured and presented, and the required fees paid before any grave may be opened for any purpose. These provisions do not apply when disinterment is ordered by duly authorized public authority. Where disinterment involves removal from the cemetery, permission is also required from the Minnesota Department of Health and all disinterments shall be under the supervision of a licensed embalmer.

Section 3. Conditions of Lot Purchase

All lots shall be sold subject to these rules and regulations of those hereafter adopted. The purchaser shall expressly agree in the deed conveying the lot that his rights are subject to such rules and regulations as the city council may adopt. No lot shall be used for any purpose other than the burial of human remains and the placing of appropriate memorials.

Section 4. Purchase of Lots

Upon full payment of the purchase price of a lot, the City Clerk will issue a cemetery deed conveying the lot executed by the mayor and clerk and the deed shall be recorded in the records of the city. If the purchase price is not paid in full, a contract shall state the amount paid in terms for payment of the balance. Before a burial is permitted, an amount equal to the space used, plus the interment and disinterment charges, must be guaranteed, at the time of purchase of lots. Additional lots may be reserved free of charge for one year. After which time lots must either be purchased or relinquished.

Section 5. Transfer of Lots

No cemetery lots or fractional lot may be resold or otherwise disposed of, except by will, without the approval of the Cemetery Commission, and the city retains the first option to purchase the lot or fractional lot at the original sale price. No lot will be permitted to be resold, disposed of, or otherwise used until the purchase price and all unpaid charges have been paid in full. A fee will be charged for each transfer of title. Lot owners may not allow interments to be made on their lots of remuneration. Lots, or fractional lots may not be subdivided without consent of the Cemetery Commission.

Section 6. Markers

Every marker shall be placed in the space shown on the cemetery plot or as directed by the Cemetery Commission. No marker or portion thereof may be placed above the ground level. No marker may be placed unless the location has been approved by the Cemetery Commission and the full purchase price of the lot has been paid. No marker may be placed until the interment has been made. No marker may be constructed of limestone, sandstone, wood, marble or any other material which will not assure relative permanency. All markers shall be the flush type. Single markers shall consist of one piece and shall not be less than 12 nor more than 36 inches in width, nor less than six nor more than 36 inches in length and must be four inches thick sawed level on the bottom and the top edge must be beveled, and shall be flush with the ground surface at the foot of the grave. Double markers shall not exceed 60 inches in with width. Other dimensions for double markers shall be the same as for single markers (grave ledgers) are not permitted. These restrictions shall not apply to monuments provided by the federal Government or those provided by the City of East Grand Forks. No portrait or photograph reproductions shall not be colored or tinted by the application to the stone of any pigment color or mineral.

Section 7. Foundations & Installations of Markers

All markers shall be placed on foundations of solid material at a depth and size and in a manner to be determined by the Cemetery Commission. Bronze markers must be set in four inches of concrete attached to the marker by four lugs.

The installation of monuments and markers and foundations shall be performed by the City of East Grand Forks at prices established by the City Council.

Section 8. Vaults & Mausoleums

No above ground vaults or mausoleums will be permitted except by express authorization of the City Council of East Grand Forks.

Section 9. Permanent Care

Permanent care of all lots shall be provided by the City of East Grand Forks.

Section 10. Burial Vaults & Grave Liners

No casket will be interred without being placed in a burial vault or grave liner constructed of material that will not deteriorate and be effected by the elements, meeting the following specifications: the minimum vertical wall thickness shall be one inch. The minimum thickness for top bottom shall be one and one-half (1.5) inches. The material shall attain a compressive strength of 4500p.s.i. Wood boxes or grave liners and vaults shall not be permitted. Grave boxes and grave lines and vaults shall be constructed to withstand all anticipated loads, considering local conditions.

Section 11. Improvements

No trees, shrubs, plants, flowers or vines may be planted nor fences erected except by the City of East Grand Forks. Only fresh floral bouquets, in proper containers, are permitted from April 15 to September 1st. Glass jars and other breakable containers do not constitute a proper container. This type is easily broken and can be injurious to both visitors and employees. Plants and artificial wreaths and decorations are permitted for Memorial Day. These may be placed on the grave after 4 p.m. the Friday before Memorial Day and must be removed before the Wednesday after Memorial Day in order to make mowing possible. From September 1st to April 15th wreaths and artificial decorations are permitted. These will be removed during our spring clean-up. For your floral bouquets we strongly urge the use of the permanent ground level bouquet holders. These bouquet holders made from enduring aluminum or bronze, are set flush with the ground when not in use. They are available at the Cemetery Office at reasonable price which include installation. The Cemetery Commission reserves the right to remove any tree, shrub, vine, plant or flower which may become unsightly, dangerous or not keeping with the landscaped design of the Cemetery.

Section 12: Duties of Actuary

The City Clerk shall in addition to other records, and duties imposed upon him in relation to the cemetery, keep a register of all interments and disinterment including the name and address of nearest relative, veterans status, cause of death, and time and place of interment, disinterment, and re-interment. He shall also notify the commission of veterans affairs of the interment of a veteran as required by law. A duplicate copy of these records will be kept by the Executive Secretary of the Cemetery Commission.

Section 13. Care & Maintenance

All care, and ;maintenance and installations shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent of the Parks of the city who shall be guided by the rules, regulations and directives of the Cemetery Commission.

Section 14. Lot Prices & Cemetery Charges

The following price charges are hereby established:

  • Burial Lot Purchase: Price:
    • Ground Level Burial lot: $500
    • Upright Marker Burial lot: $1,000
    • Cremate/Infant lot: $250
    • Welfare lot: $450
  • Internment Fee’s:
    • Interment: $125
    • Cremate/Infant Interment: $250
    • Welfare Interment: $125
    • Winter/Difficult Weather Interment*: $500
    • Disinterment: $200
  • Niche (Columbarium) Purchase Price:
    • Single Niche:
      • Lower Level: $900
      • Middle Level: $1000
      • Eye Level: $1,100
    • Double Niche:
      • Lower Level: $1,700
      • Middle Level: $1,900
      • Eye Level: $2,100
    • Open/Close Fee:  Included
    • Marker:  Included
    • Multi attachments available upon request
  • Marker Installation:
    • Single: $75
    • Double: $95
    • Military: $75 
  • Resetting Fee’s:
    • Single: $35
    • Double: $40
    • Military: $37.50 
  • Miscellaneous Fee’s:
    • Vase Installation Charge: $30
    • Winter Vault Storage: $75
    • Additional Weekend/Holiday Access:  $150

Winter/Difficult Weather Internment Fee covers the cost of turf repair, marker repair, and maintenance from damage caused by internment's held in Winter or Difficult weather situations. City of East Grand Forks reserves the right to charge for the repair or replacement of any and all damages caused by an internment held during what Resurrection Cemetery deems to be Winter or Difficult Weather situation, to return the Cemetery to an “as is” state prior to the held internment. 

Winter Vault Storage not charged if internment is at Resurrection Cemetery. 

For cremated interments ownership of either full burial or half burial lot is required

Section 15. Hours

The Cemetery will be open to visitors during the hours of 7 a.m. to sunset. Permission to enter at other times shall be secured from the Executive Secretary of the Cemetery Commission.

Section 16. General

The City Council reserved the right to amend these rules, regulations and changes in order to promote the general objectives and best interests of the cemetery and is not required to give notice to such intended action. The city also reserves the right to remove all monuments, markers, flowers, plants, trees, decorations or other similar things without liability to the owner whenever any of these objects becomes unsafe or unsightly.