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Election Judge Information
What are Election Judges?
Election judges are responsible for the administration of election procedures in each polling place on Election Day.  Election judges help guarantee that the rights of voters are protected on Election Day.

To serve as an election judge a person must meet the following requirements:

- Be eligible to vote  in the State of Minnesota

- Be able to read, write, and speak English

- Be appointed by the City Council 

There are some reasons a person may not be able to be an election judge.  Some of those reasons are as follows:

- Candidates for office cannot be an election judge in a precinct where they appear on the ballot.  This includes those who are actively campaigning as a write-in candidate.

- A person who is a relative of a candidate for office cannot serve in a precinct where that candidate is on the ballot.

- A person who temporarily or permanently lives in the same house as a candidate cannot serve in a precinct where that candidate is on the ballot.

- Election judges who are relatives to each other cannot serve together in the same precinct during the same shift.  Relatives can work separate, non-overlapping shifts in the same precinct.

- A challenger appointed to contest voter eligibility cannot serve as an election judge.

Typical Day & Duties for an Election Judge
A typical day for an Election Judge on an Election Day is a long day.  The day starts around 6:00am with the judges preparing the polling place to be ready and open at 7:00am for voters. 

Each judge will be assigned a job.  Some polling places have judges rotate jobs throughout the day and others do not.  This is something that is determined by the head judge who is in charge of the polling place.  Breaks are taken throughout the day but judges are expected to be available to help if needed.

There are a variety of duties that election judges are responsible for which include the following:

- Setting up the polling place before the polls open at 7:00am

- Aid voter signing getting registered to vote

- Distribute ballots to voters

- Monitor precinct ballot counter

- Help voters who require assistance

- Complete the reports after the polls close at 8:00pm

- Return the reports, supplies, and machines to the County

To view all of the duties please click here to view the 2016 Election Judge Guide.

As stated above the polling places close at 8:00pm.  That is when the final reports are ran for the evening and the summary statement is filled out.  Once all of the reports and summary statement have been filled out the supplies, machines, and reports are turned into the County and it is officially the end of the Election Day for Election Judges.  The process is the same for both the Primary and General Elections.     

How to Become an Election Judge
People who are interested in being an election judge can contact Megan Nelson in the Administration Office.  She can be reached at (218) 773-2483 or through email at

Once officially appointed by the City Council all Election Judges are required to have training every two years before each election cycle.  This training is put on by Polk County and is held one evening in East Grand Forks and now is also available online.

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