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Book Notes

Book Notes

Black is the Body by Emily Bernard

This book is an extraordinary, exquisitely written memoir (of sorts) that looks at race--in a fearless, penetrating, honest, true way--in twelve telltale, connected, deeply personal essays. Bernard writes how each of the essays goes beyond a narrative of black innocence and white guilt, how each is anchored in a mystery, and how each sets out to discover a new way of telling the truth as the author has lived it. 

Titanosaur by Jose Luis Carballido and Diego Pol

This thrilling new picture book tells the story of the discovery of the Titanosaur -- the biggest, heaviest creature to ever walk Earth! Chock-full of back matter like a glossary and extra information and photographs from the dig, kids of all ages will devour this book.

Insomnia by Marina Benjamin

 Can insomnia – which is on the rise -- be an ally, a validator of the present moment, of edginess and creativity? Marina Benjamin takes on her personal experience of the condition?her struggles with it, her insomniac highs, and her dawning awareness that states of sleeplessness grant us valuable insights into the workings of our unconscious minds.  She also adds new dimensions to both our understanding of sleep (and going without it) and of night, and how we perceive darkness.

Lessons from Lucy by Dave Barry

Faced with the obstacles and challenges of life after middle age, Dave Barry turns to his best dog, Lucy, to learn how to live his best life. The lessons are drawn from Dave’s routine humiliations and stream-of-consciousness accounts of the absurdities of daily life, which will leave you heaving with laughter and recognition.

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